Costly Mistakes from DIY Pressure Washing

As springtime rolls around, many homeowners take a look at their houses and decide it’s time to wash away the crud and grime of the past seasons with a deep cleaning. However, proper pressure washing requires much more than renting the equipment and spraying your house down. Learn about the most costly mistakes home improvement experts see when homeowners decide to perform DIY pressure washing.

Failing to Obtain Proper Protective Gear

One of the most common mistakes consists of either purchasing the wrong types of protective gear or neglecting to buy any at all. Pressure washers produce a highly pressurized stream of water that can tear through rubber boots, one of the most common types of boots purchased for water-based work. Pressure washing experts purchase specialized gear like non-slip leather shoes, goggles, and gloves, along with the right kinds of clothing, to help them avoid potential slip-ups with a pressure washer.

Using the Wrong Types of Equipment

Professional-grade pressure washers come equipped to handle everything from soft washing windows and roof cleaning to scrubbing down concrete walkways and asphalt drives. Using an over-the-counter pressure washer or renting one often won’t provide the same amount and range of power that professional machines have, making them inadequate for total house cleaning. You’ll waste time, money, and energy on cleaning your house without actually getting the full advantages of professional pressure washing.

Not Utilizing the Right Kind of Cleaning Solution

Many homeowners don’t realize that they need to use a cleaning solution in conjunction with their pressure washers. These solutions can make a huge difference in your success in scrubbing dirt from surfaces. Professional pressure washing technicians will know which cleaning solutions to use on walls, windows, roofs, and driveways, then clean them away along with months of grime and debris.

Cleaning in the Wrong Order

Just like cleaning the interior of your home, cleaning the exterior requires you to follow a certain order to get the cleanliness right. Homeowners often clean the bottom of their homes first, not realizing until they spray their gutters that the grime from above drips down and ruins their work. Professional cleaners know the right order in which to clean a home, promising a squeaky-clean exterior in less time.

Using Too Much Pressure When Cleaning

Cleaning the more delicate surfaces of your home, such as windows, glass doors, or rooftops, requires careful consideration of the water pressure. Too much and you could cause damage to these areas; too little and you won’t clean them. When you hire professionals, they have the knowledge and expertise necessary to properly clean these areas of your home with the right pressure, guaranteeing a safe clean.

Hire Experienced Cleaners for Safe Pressure Washing

When you’re ready to clean your home after a long fall and winter season, trust the professionals at Jet Wash Exterior Cleaning for safe and effective pressure washing services. Call to schedule a free consultation at (608) 577-9681.

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