Package estimates based on 3 bedroom Ranch

Economy -$254

  1. Pressure Wash Exterior Siding
  2. Soap and window spray clean (leaves some spots)
  3. Gutter spray and rinse
  4. Basic blow out of gutter downspout only                                                                                   

Premium -$574 

Add one of the following, driveway, porch, window wash exterior with squeegee, gutter polish (can leave exterior gutter looking new) options.

Full Service -$420

Includes exterior window cleaning (squeegee) of windows with screens pulled by homeowner.

All packages come with a two year protection against regrowth of organics.

Roof cleaning is available and highly recommended if you have black streaking of mold and any other organic build up.  Most roof cleans alone cost $300 and 600.  If you need a house wash and a roof clean, you will be given a significant discount for those services.  Roof cleans require significant product so please indicate so if you are considering a purchase so that we will have it available.

Please remove items within 12 feet of the house which soap could harm ie. hanging flower baskets, flags, bird feeders, padded outdoor furniture etc.  Cover delicate flowers which are close to the house such as rose bushes.  We pre rinse greenery and post rinse to try to protect your flowers and plants.  We are not responsible for damage to delicate flowers and bushes.

In this photo I am using a 24′ extension to clean third story gutters

Rinsing the exterior and keeping the flowers protected

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