The Best Times to Pressure Wash Your House

Pressure Washing Mt Horeb WI

What’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to maintain your home’s exterior year-round? One solution for curb appeal and siding preservation is pressure washing or soft washing from your local professionals in Madison, Wisconsin.

So, when is the best pressure washing time for the highest-quality results? Read on for details from Madison’s top choice: Jet Wash Exterior Cleaning.

Understanding Pressure Washing

The discipline of pressure washing involves various cleaning techniques, pieces of equipment, and types of cleaning solutions. Sometimes, it involves a high-pressure spray on tough surfaces to eliminate the following from your Madison home’s exterior surfaces. 

  • Caked-in dirt, dust, mud, or grime
  • Mold and mildew
  • Other debris, like loose paint 

Generally, you can rely on pressure washing services in Madison, WI, for all your concrete cleaning needs, including the grimy pool deck, patio, and driveway. However, other delicate surfaces require soft washing to ensure they’re spotless and remain undamaged during the process. Whichever method your home’s exterior needs, getting the timing right makes a huge difference.

Best Seasons for Pressure Washing

You can pressure wash your Wisconsin home at any time of year. However, local industry experts like Jet Wash Exterior Cleaning typically recommend late spring and early fall. This is the best pressure washing time in Madison, mainly due to weather considerations—you don’t want to do the cleaning when the temperatures are too hot or too cold. 

In spring, the weather is quite mild. Water won’t evaporate too quickly or freeze on the exterior surfaces. It’s also a perfect time to eliminate buildup after a long winter while issuing effective mildew removal and algae treatment.

Late fall is also a good time to have a professional pressure wash your house in Madison. The outside temperatures are just right. Plus, a fall exterior cleaning will remove leaves, dust, and other detritus from your home’s surfaces before the winter freeze. 

Preparing for Pressure Washing

Preparing for the experts will help the process go quicker. Here are a few recommendations from Madison’s pressure-washing professionals: 

  • Keep all doors and windows tightly shut. It prevents water from getting into your house. 
  • Ensure children and pets are safe. Keep them away from the area being cleaned. 
  • Check the pressure washing team can easily access your external water source. 
  • Remove outdoor furniture, decorative features, vehicles, and other potential obstacles to the cleaning process. 

Signs Your House Needs Pressure Washing

Is it time to pressure wash your house? Look out for these common tell-tale signs:

  • Dark streaks on the roof as algae spread
  • Dingy, discolored siding
  • Visible dirt, grime, mildew, and other gunk on your exterior areas

If your home’s exterior shows one or more of these signs, don’t wait to schedule a professional pressure washing team.

Why Choose Professional Services?

With a licensed, certified, and insured team in Madison, Wisconsin, a pressure cleaning job is far less risky and much more effective. Why not try qualified professionals like Jet Wash Exterior Cleaning for sparkling results?

The best pressure washing time is spring or late fall, so book our slot and call Jet Wash Exterior Cleaning at 608-577-9681 today!

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